Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we receive regarding our time and attendance software. Not finding the answer?

General Questions

Is there a monthly or yearly cost?

No, there are no monthly or yearly costs, it is an outright purchase

Can the device work over my network?

Yes the devices can transfer data either using TCP/IP network or a USB Flash Disk

How many copies of the software can I use in my company?

The price includes one license for one PC but you can buy additional licenses for more licenses if needed.

Where is the software developed?

The software is developed in South Africa for the South African business enviroment.

Can I add a manual clocking for an employee?

Yes, you can manually add and adjust times for each employee.

What formats do the reports get generated in?

The reports get generated in a generic report format, excel format and exports files to Sage VIP and Pastel for easy import.

Does the software have a limit on the amount of employees you can enroll?

No the software is unlimited, the limit is determined by the terminal which is in most cases over 1000

Can I install the system myself?

Yes, it is not a complicated procedure and with a little IT knowledge it is easy, training can be done remotely.

Do I pay for support and training?

Yes, support and training are chargeable on a pay as you go basis.

Can you have more than one work schedule?

Yes, there is no limited to the amount of work schedules

Do the software support night shift and public holidays?

Yes the software supports night shifts and public holidays

Can I add paid leave?

Yes the system accommodates paid leave.

What is the warranty on the devices?

There is a 12 month limited warranty on all Zkteco devices

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