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Our biometric systems use software developed by our company. That means we can remove the licence fees (charged by other companies) to give you the best solution at the best price.
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Better Business with Biometrics

palm and face recognition biometric scanning system

Hygienic Solutions - Employee Safety

Touchless biometric systems use facial recognition algorithms and computer vision technology.  Therefore, you can manage staff time and visitor access without hygiene concerns.

man touching a finger scanning screen

Automated Time and Attendance

Biometric time and attendance systems have transformed employee management.  Improved HR reporting, streamlined  payroll tasks and reduced operational costs are among the many benefits. 

graphic of man scanning a lockwith his finger

Improved Security - Access Control

Biometric readers, like fingerprint scanners, ensure that only authorised people have access to whatever needs guarding. Therefore, biometric authentication provides a higher level of security.

business man putting 5 Rand into piggy bank

Reduce Costs

Biometric systems reduce costs by eliminating ‘buddy clocking’ and “ghost employee” fraud, for example. And, productivity is increased by automating admin tasks allowing managers to focus on the job at hand.



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